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It's getting much worse...


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So it's been about 3 weeks since all of this crap started. First there was a 2 week break, then 5 days into it we broke up. During the breakup he bawled and said that it was the hardest thing he had ever done. He also stated that he still loved me and cared for me and had a huge amount of respect and admiration for me. He just couldn't be in a relationship right then. He also said that it doesn't mean that we won't be together later, that it will work out, and if it's meant to be it will be.


Well now he has completely cut me out of his life. No contact (besides when I can get the dog we share), he's partying, and I am about 95% sure there is another girl now. This is killing me. How can you be with someone everyday for 2 years and then just completely cut them off? I am feeling more heartbroken then before.


I know that we were soul mates, i know it. How can I go on without him?

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I'm sorry about your predicament... but don't take this break up personally. They cut us off to validate their reasoning and to protect themselves emotionally from the guilt and the hurt they've put us through.


This is for the best, because if he was your soul mate he would have stood by you even if Armageddon was to strike. Don't be foolish enough to think he was your soul mate... I too was stupid enough to think so highly of my ex.


Try not to over analyze everything too much at this stage, rather grieve and let out as much anger and hurt as possible, grieve completely like the death of a loved one.


Come here whenever you feel the need to contact him or to vent your spleen...


Sending you lots of love... god knows, we've all been there and most of us are going through your pain. They are all too familiar with out own pain.

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