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Hi everyone, I'm new to the whole forum thing and I'm looking for some advice.


My problem is when it comes to meeting women. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm the shyest guy ever. Sometimes at school a girls have stared or even smiled at me and I can barely look them in the face much less smile back. Its really pathetic and I'm trying really hard to fight my shyness. I don't think the problem is with my look. I get many compliments on my appearance. I'm in my last year of college and I've never even gotten close to having a girlfriend before.


I'm not asking for a "soul mate" or anything like that, I just want to go out on some dates and have some fun. For once I would like to approach a girl that I like and succeed. Any tips on how I can break out of this eternal slump?

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You need to put yourself in positions that require interaction with the female group in a non-threatening setting.


The human mind can overcome anything if it is put in a position to do so. it will then become second nature to you and your friends will wonder how it is that you are so smooth with the girls.




Join a co-ed league or intermurals

Join a book club

Sign up for a weekend outing such as a church retreat or something of the sort


So, you get the idea. Don't go into a situation with a lot of women simply trying to meet them. Just get on the same turf as them doing something you all enjoy. Friendships and dating happen naturally after that, I promise.

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First Welcome to Enotalone!!!!!!!!!


Now that thats out of the way. You have a confidence problem. Not the usual confidence problem with your looks, but one that involves your approach. There are many ways to fix this problem. Make the women approach you. How? When you see them staring, raise your hands and say the word what. That works with some because you show an aire of confidence about you. That's the key to picking up women (confidence). You say that you look alright, but you have problems with your approach. Pick upo some books on how to be romantic. These will help you understand what women want and teach you how to give it to them. Women want romance and once you can give it to them then you will be able to approach them easier


Hope this helped you


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I have the same problem, except i'm not really satisfied with how i look. I just feel like i'm so different than other people. There's this girl who is really kind to me, but i just can't say anything...I get so shy. If she asks me a question, i can answer back fine. It's actually starting a conversation and saying more than just 'yes' or 'no' that i find trouble with. I keep thinking she's different, when i've overheard her talking about things to her friend which are just like me. I really need to get over this! Any tips?

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Being an extremely shy person can make aspects of life difficult. When I was younger I used to hate myself for being so shy and thought that it was a curse. Over the past couple of years I have to accept that shyness is part of my personality, and it may sound strange but I seem a lot happier these days. I remember when I wouldn't dare take even the tinest look at an attractive girl because I was scared they might see me and think I was a pervert.

I just wished that I learnt earlier in life that it's completely normal to be attracted to girls.

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