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Boyfriend was with my sister in law


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I always knew my sister in law wanted my boyfriend. I just thought my boyfriend was stronger and would say no. Well I guess he did for two years, but I found out that they have been having an affair for 10 months. They have only had intercourse 4 times.. but it is a long term affair non the less to me. She always called. Like every day! She would say she was calling to talk about her relationship problems with my brother. She said my boyfriend was such a great listener.. blah blah blah. We lived together for 3 years. Dated for like 6 months prior to moving in. He says it was just sex. That after the first time, he just wanted to keep her mouth shut. That she would always want more. And I was reading her letters to him on the net for about a month (he is overseas working). She would write about this guy that she wanted so bad, and he would write that if she really cared for this person, she would leave them to live their life. They always talked about it in third person. But one day, it was not third person. She wrote about how much she wanted him. He wrote her back about how he didnt want it and she was making him mad. I was able to read both of their emails. Well, that was it. I blew up and now my whole family is torn. I can walk away, I have no kids, no responsibilities with this man. She keeps telling everyone that my boyfriend seduced her, that he told her that he wanted her always and that he would want her as long as he lives. Just on and on. My boyfriend flew back, was here two weeks arraigning things for me (I had moved in with my brother and his wife because I didnt want to be alone while he was gone for two years). He is so sorry and says that he always tried to break it off. But to me, one time is a mistake. He says that she would make it happen. Always talk about it and what she could do for him. He says he did let it happen and he is at fault. He is sorry and will do anything. But I am so sad that this person has done this. I feel betrayed. He says it was nothing but sex to him. She on the other hand says it was much more. But in the emails that I have been reading, I know that she keeps saying she wants more. So, I realize this. But it doesnt hurt any less. He still has cheated on me.


How does one just walk away from this situation when you love someone so much? Why did he do such a thing if he LOVES me so much like he says? He says it happened cuz she took her clothes off the first time! What is a matter with people? UGGGHHHH I am so frustrated. We can not go to counseling. He is overseas again. I am upset so bad by this. My brother is not speaking to me now either. My family seems to have taken their side. WHY? And he just says I am sorry, so sorry. I didnt realize what impact this would have.

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