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Please help i'm scared to death!!!!!!!!


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Please help! me and my g/f had sex and i'm scared because of course i didn't use a condom, ive been reading all these questions and some helped me and some didn't so i will asked my own. well first off it was the day after she had her period and i didn't cum at all but i probably pre-cumed but she gave me oral sex before i stuck it in and i was only in for about 30 secs. and i didn't even go all the way in, i didn't pop her cherry and it was both of our first time, now i didn't cum when she gave me oral sex either i'm just saying maybe she wipe it off in the process. I was reading one of the things and it said that a girl won't get pregnate after her period because she needs time to ovulate and that takes 14days and i didn't right after and it said that sperm can live in there up to 5 days but still i did it the day after so its that still enough time for the sperm to die?

If there are any women that can help me out plz plz plz help i'm only 17 and she is only 16 plz help.

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[just wait, There are pregnancy tests avalible over the counter but some work and some don't. If she just got over her period there is a high chance that she won't get pregnant. Some girls are different though so just wait and if she skips her period then she needs to see the doctor. you are both young and need to think about this stuff before you do have sex the next time. just hope for the best and expect the worse. I would bet with the details you gave she isn't pregnant but i'm no doctor or pysic so i can't promise just be careful next time and that is why they make condoms and so many forms of birthcontrol. You can get her birthcontrol confidentially without her parents ever knowing but you have to go find your health department and have a few dollars to spend on her papsmere and the form that you both choose. hope this helps

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The fact is that there are only certain times during a woman's menstrual cycle when she is fertile or can get pregnant in. So it pays off to know when those times are. A woman is fertile when she is ovulating (and approaching ovulation) and ovulation usually occurs mid cycle. Specifically ovulation usually occurrs 14 days before the onset of bleeding. BUT, please note that ovulation does not always occur at day 14, which is why counting the days or the rhythm method is an unreliable and often incorrect method of guaging fertily. However, periods or bleeding do usually arrive 14 days after ovulation. In irregular cycles, it is the first half of the cycle or pre-ovulatory phase which varies in length (rather than the second half of the cycle), as bleeding almost always occurs 14 days after ovulation.


There is always a chance for pregnancy when you insert your penis into a woman's vagina. It may not be likely that it happened through all that you describe, but there is still a real possibility. Generally sperm doesn't live long when exposed to air. However, nearly every penis emits at least a small drop of pre-cum—when it becomes erect, whether or not an orgasm is reached. Basically it's never safe to have a "brief insertion" without some form of protection. Sperm live inside a vagina for about three to five days. I'd say the odds are that she won't become pregnant but there is still a chance.

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Ok, dude!

Just breath! First off, I know that condoms aren't very sexy, but neither is being a teen parent. You should wear a condom. I am only 19 and lost my virginity not to long ago, but the thought of being a parent (which I am not) scares me. You should wear a condom every time or at least get her on the pill (or shot or something) or buy the spermicide stuff for her (which you get at walmart).


Also, in a days, go get a pregnancy test at walmart.


I am not quite sure on whether you can get pregnant on your period or not. I think that there is a 'grace' period, but I am not quite sure. Every woman is different, ya know?


I would do that. HOWEVER---If you love your girlfriend and are going to have sex, PLEASE wear a condom! Would you rather have to say "Hang on! I gotta put my raincoat on!" or "Mom and Dad---I got ____ pregnant!"

I would much rather face a cashier at walmart over my parents to tell them that I was pregnant.


Be responsible.. this is your life and hers......


Lemme know if you need more help or what some websites to confer with: email removed

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