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Afraid of Rejection

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I've known this guy for a couple months now.We are both on the swim team at our school. Since we have both joined the team we have became good friends and we talk a lot.He's such a great person to me and i love him to death. He recently told me that he liked me and i told him i liked him as well.Which i've like him for awhile now. Nothiing really more was said after that. I had been waiting for him to ask me for a while now but nothing has changed. I've thought about asking him out but i am afraid that i will get rejected considering he is 4 years older than me. I know for sure that he likes me now but why hasnt he asked me out? And when's the time when i say enough is enough and just ask him out myself.If he says no what should i do from there?

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My recommendation would be first to make sure you are paying attention to his body language and know he is still interested. Is his still mkaing eye contact with you? If yes, find a time to flirt with him, hopefully when no one else is there. If he reacts positively, tell him one of two things; "you should ask me out," or "why don't (or haven't) you ask me out." Or just ask. If he is not asking after you say that, man is he timid.

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Hi Foolishpleasure8 !


God love you !!


He's probably scared - thats why he hasn't asked you !

How long are you going to wait? Well there is no set time, and thereforeeee no right answer ! The question is, are you willing to let him get snapped up by another girl, or are you going to go get him yourself !!


Don't even think about him saying no - just go and get with him !


Girls ! What is it that you need to wait to be asked ! That day is over foolish - you want him, go get him

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Charmed, I'm with you man! I think its great to see women asking men out these days. I wish more women would do so.


Foolish, sounds like your friend is pretty shy just like you! Alot of shy men won't ask women out simply just because they are afraid to be rejected as well.


So, if he has told you that he likes you, why not ask him out? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you do ask him I'm sure he'll be thrilled and more than happy to go out on a date with you.


Just ask him if he'd like to go out to lunch or dinner with you. It would be a nice first date in a relaxed setting!


Good Luck!

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