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Some help please!


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Hey all, i'm needing some advice here, there's this girl that i like we are really good friends me and all my friends eat lunch together everyday (she's there). We do a lot of stuff togetther like play paintball, but there's always other people there. I like her, but i am not sure if she likes me back, i have seen a few signs, like if some of my friends are making fun of her she will punch them (they're all just playing around) but she'll come over to me and talk to me and kind of blow them off. Firstly do I have a chance here? If i asked her out and she said no, then that would be fine, because i haven't lost anything. Secondly, how should i go about asking her out?

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honesty my man... honesty.


If you like her... ask her to go talk privately. If you cant find a proper place/time, phone her. Say something like "I love being your friend, and hanging out with you... but I have feelings for you above the rest of the group. I'd like to get to know you better." then ask her to be your girlfriend, or go on a date... whatever. But use your own heartfelt words of course.


good luck dude

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Greetings Spawn1221,


Let me be the first to welcome you to eNotAlone.com on behalf of everyone .


Right i would suggesting that go up to her ask if you can talk to her in private (in a friendly sorta way, don't give any signals out yet). I agree with poonany tell her that you value your friendship with her and is there any chance that you could become a little closer. Ask her out (doesn't have to be on a date, just to get to know her more) if she's ok with it go for it.


As you said if she says no you haven't lost anything. I wish i could say the same for me im in a silmilar situation.


Here's eNotAlone.com's tips and tricks and the do's and dont's on converstations with either sex:


Hope this have been of some help to you.


All the best, hope you get her, keep me posted i'd like to know.


- whitefang

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