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need an opinion on this situation


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recently, I've found that I have feelings for one of my guy friends. We talk a lot, and have a lot in common. The first time that we really ever met and talked, we talked until four in the morning. We play around a lot, and just get along really well. Apparently though, he has liked someone for a year or two, but never did anything about it or talked to her. I'm just really confused because he's a really good friend, but I always wonder if it could be something more.

I don't know if he likes me more than a friend, or not. He doesn't really play around with other people, and we can talk for hours. We have similar interests and such. We flirt a lot, and sometimes I'll see him just smiling at me.


Help, please!



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Girl it sounds like all the pieces could be falling into place. If you are scared to sound like you are totally interested play out a scenario to him. Ask....what do you think we would be like if we were to date? be very casual about it, if he gets all weird on you as if that has never enter his head...change subject...see if he might bring it up again, if anything...you have put the thought into his head. Good Luck

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