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i am being shat on by my friend

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Ok when I was 16 (I am now 20) I got my first job as a lifeguard and there was a very cute boy who worked at the front dest, Mark. We started talking and dated for a while and of course we had mind blowing sex. When I was 17 I met another lifeguard whose name is Erin. I confided in her with problems that Mark and I were having, or just to talk. When I was 18, Erin told me that Mark had started dating another girl who was a friend of her's named Ashley. Mark had not mentioned this to me and I was mad at him that he was having sex with me, but taking Ashley out to dinners. After that I drop kicked him, but continued to work at the job that all FOUR of us worked at. The problem is, Mark started IMing me a few months ago saying that he wanted to hook up and screw around. I said no, because I was amid a new, better relationship. I saved the convos and later sent them to Erin because she knew Mark. Erin and Ashley are roomates and Ash stumbled accross the IM's which gave proof that he had cheated on her (remember he was with me when he started dating her) along with the fact that he wanted to have sex with me again...despite me saying no, I won't do this to ashley and what not and now she hates me. NOT HIM. I didn't even do anything. When I went back to work over thanksgiving, Ashley told my boss a lie about me and I got fired. Erin at first sided with me, but now she ignores me and gets mad at me whenever I try to talk to her about Mark and Ashley. I am 20 and I have known both Erin and Mark longer than this B*tch ashley has, and I'm upset because I didn't do anything. I need advice because this is ruining Erin and my friendship! Help!!

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I am against cheating as well..

But unfortunately mistakes are easily made.

This is besides the point though.


Everybody needs friends and I can see why she's taking this Ashley's side as they are roomates and Erin is more easily influenced. I don't see why Ashley should dislike you though, other than the fact that she could be jealous. Perhaps Mark said something to sway her mind? The other three seem very childish getting you sacked, not standing up for you or not even bothering.


Perhaps if you asked Erin directly why she is avoiding you? You'd not start the conversation with Mark that way.. And she'd have to give you some kind of answer. If she denies the fact that she is shunning you, just point out that ever since a certain incident, Erin built up a wall between the two of you.


I am sorry that I wasn't of much help. I do hope that this works out for you though. Losing friends are hard, but hopefully you won't have to experience that.

Good luck //


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