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Do you think some people are better off being alone?

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I don't really know the context of your situation, but I agree with bleeder. You have your own expections of what you want in a friend and a partner. Why settle for anything less than what you want? By settling you will only end up being unhappy (or not completely happy).


The fact that you're asking if you'd be better off alone makes me wonder if you feel insecure with that prospect when in reality, we should be thinking the opposite: we should be thinking that we are complete persons on our own and that when we meet someone and want to share our lives with that person, it is something that enriches both our lives. There should be love, not dependancy in a relationship. There should be mutual enjoyment, not a sense of false security. There should be mutual giving, not expectations of receiving.


If you have to be alone because you can't find someone to share completely with, then so be it. If you have to be alone because you can't find someone who can understand you the way you want to be understood, then take it in stride. Being alone should make you stronger. There is no shame in that.

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all good answers...i just have been thinking alot about that relationship I talked about in my other post...and to an extent I think I am better that way... my prior relationships to this one always ended up in similar fashions while in the relationship...this is just the first time it has ever stung me...ok to be honest hurt like hell. i really messed up...but the only constant in these things has been me...so maybe I am better.

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