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im so messed up plz help me

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I dont know if i should ask for advice here or not cause i prolly get the same advice from my mates ive been seeing this guy simon for the 2 months. we started off as friends and became close .at the time i had just been hurt by one of my friends chris cause i liked chris and he was just mucking around with my feelings i didnt know if it was good idea to get close to another guy again cause b4 chris i had about 4 other guys mucking around with me but when i met simon i thought he was different recently simon has been turning my shouts down and we always do things when he wants. last saturday he was meant to come to my place for dinner and he rang up saying he couldnt come and that he wanted to meet me in town that nite.i mucked around 3hrs waiting for him to text me when he was in town and i texted his flatmate to c where he was and i ended up going to his house and found him asleep.last monday i sent a text cause i didnt get the chance to talk him when i was with cause his mates were around and it was good timing the text said "i dont think we should be seeing each other anymore cause you always turn my shouts down and we only do things when you want to. i know you said that you hate me to think that you are using me but i feel like i am and it hurts the most cause i like you and have feelings for you. he never replied bk i have heaps of my mates saying just forget him but its really hard cause i thought we had a connection and i thought he was different. im really stressed out cause ive had a mate of mine drown last week my granddad is dying. someone please help



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Well, the most common advice you are going to get here is to leave him alone and not contact him. Generally referred to as the "No Contact Rule." This doesn't mean avoid him, it just means do not go out of your way by a centimeter to contact him. If he contacts you or you bump into him, try to be happy to see him but otherwise independent. There's not much more to it.

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I also agree with Beec. Im sorry to hear about your friend and your granddad, it must be horrible what your going through, you shouldn't be stressing yourself over this guy. Don't think about going to see him, spend time with your family. I would listen to your friends, in the friends are only care for your wellbeing and don't want to see you get hurt. It's worth giving the "No Contact Rule" a try.


"I'd give you a hug but i can't fit through the monitor... lol"


I hope everything works out for you.


- whitefang

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I hear ya, girlfriend. My boy's been playing with my feelings too and we've also been seeing each other 2 months. Funny how all these guys think alike at the same time. Now, if I were an conspiracy theorist...


He told me once that he dropped this girl he went out with for a year by just not calling her ever again one day out of the blue because "he was sick of the relationship"!!!


I thought me and my boy had a connection but apparently not.

I thought my boy really liked me but apparently not.

I thought my boy really cared about me but apparently not.

We only do things when HE wants to do things.

We only talk on the phone when HE wants to talk on the phone.

I thought he was a smart, interesting guy but apparently not.


He's really just a stupid jerk playing with my emotions.

He's really just a shallow person who doesn't care about the feelings of anyone but himself.

He's really just a stupid ego-maniac who vies for your affections only to hurt you.


It's not about you or me...

There's nothing wrong with you or me...


It's all about them.

It's always been all about them.


I REALLY feel your disappointment, Marianne. I'd give you a hug, too. I feel better after venting my exact same problem to you.

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