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Please tell me what the difference is!!!!

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Hi, I've been going out with my girlfriend for a little over 2 months. She admitted to me that she loved me, which I hardly believe, but that is besides the point. My question is, what is the difference between friends with benefits and a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship besides just the title? It seems to me that my "girlfriend" and I are basically friends who make out and do other things ever so often. So, What is the difference?

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i think that the main difference is that when your friends with benefits, it means you can still see other people & do what ever you want with some one else & technically you wouldn't be cheating. however, if you are boyfriend & girlfriend then you make a commitment to that one person & your not supposed to go fool around with some one else because of that commitment. some times for friends with benefits, there are actual feelings involved. like the girl might really have feelings for the guy, or the other way around. some times there aren't feelings like that involved & friends just are friends with benefits just because that person is just there.

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boyfriend and girlfriend= the relationship is pretty serious and you can't see other people. but you still do other sex related stuff.

friend with benefits= your relationship is stictly based on sex. it's just like a booty call.. and it doesnt phase you at all. and you still go out and see other people, and go to them when you want sex from someone else.


Pretty self-explainatory..

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Don't get caught up in wording. Whether it is friend, girlfriend, or wife... those are just words.


I've seen guys treat their wives worse than they would a friend.


My point is, it depends on your heart.


Is she close to your heart? A Friend

Does she fill your heart and do you care for hers? A Girlfriend, only at this time would I suggest intimacy

Is her heart more important than your own? A wife


Think about the heart, not words.

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