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I have been becoming more and more aware that something is wrong with the energy that I have been putting out.


For instance, I was explaining to my daughter that people don't see me (at times, seems random) She really wasn't sure what I was trying to get at. Then we were at this place sitting together in a line up of people sitting in a row, and this gentleman, who doesn't know me or have any reason to harbor any resentments towards me, starts at the beginning of the line shaking hands with people. He shakes my daughters hand, and skips right over me! I looked at her and said "did you see that?" She did! I have several experiences like that. It is very weird. My daughter has had a baby, and everybody can get her to make clear direct eye contact with them, but I can't. I pointed that out to my daughter, and right away she recognised what I was talking about. (this isn't some delusion going on secretly in my head. lol )


I have had a few people witness what happens. My question is, have any of you ever heard of this happening to anybody else, or perhaps to you? If so, how would a person change this? I am not even sure if it is a bad thing, but find it unsettling.


Thanks in advance for any feedback you give.



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Hi Aura Seeker,


Thank you for posting to eNotalone.com. To be honest with you this is the first time I seen a posting like this in which someone describes a problem the way you did. I understand that you must find yourself in very uncomfortable situations once a while.


I have three pieces of advice for you that might help you. My first advice is quite simple. My suggestion is to ask people you know and trust well enough to give you some feedback about your behaviour. Ask them how they see you, what they like about you and what they would suggest to improve about you. That gives you a pretty good picture of yourself through the eyes of other people in a very short time. May be you will find something in there that might help you.


My second suggestion is to get a counseling session and present your problem to a counselor. Tell him how you feel and why. May be there's some recent problems you have come accross and that this might be the reason of all this. I also would try to find out when exactly this started to happen to you. What were the circumstances?


Last but not least: try to find information on the net over it.


I hope this was really of help to you and wish you good luck. I hope you get things working for you.


~ SwingFox ~

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Hi Swingfox, thanks for answering. I can see by the number of answers that it is unusual.


I have done some things you have suggested (like get feedback from people who know me well.) I have a high profile job with people (in sales) and don't display any ani-social behavior. I am actually pretty good at what I do. I don't have problems interacting.


The man who passed me by with the handshake....the next guy he was going to shake hands with noticed, and said "ladies first" and the man looked back at me....like I had just appeared! LOL It wasn't a matter of social behavior, he really didn't see me, I could tell by the look on his face! I was glad that my daughter was there to see that, because it was a perfect example of how it happens. I get a very eerie feeling of being ghost like. In short it freaks me out!! LOL Thought I should maybe look into it and see if anyone else has this happen. I am at a loss as to any reason. It isn't a matter of displaying creepy behavior, I assure you.


One guy getting off the bus, was holding the back door open for the next person coming out, I grabbed the door, and was waiting for him to get out of the way, so I could come out off the steps. He was looking past me like I wasn't there, and I was looking at him like....ok....get out of the way now!!! It is strange. It is starting to unsettle me.


It is something that I have noticed occasionally through time, but never really thought much of it. No big deal, I am not sensitive about every little thing, but then I noticed it was un intentional with people.....then my curosity is getting the best of me.


Thanks again for the reply, I will poke around the website you mentioned. I am just guessing it could be an aura thing, but maybe it is something else as well. I am sure it must happen to someone somewhere.


LOL I sound like a freak! But, like I said.....I am glad that others have seen plain examples of it, because then for sure I know it isn't just me being weird. ;-)



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