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which girl do i choose?

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Ok first off there is this girl that i have liked for over a year. She knows my feelings for her and she said she shared the same feelings but had a bf at the time . Now, a few days ago she broke up with him and now she is single. I like this girl SOO much. I know i have a chance with her if i play it right and give her time after her break up. She has even said she wanted to kiss me while she had her bf but didnt cuz thats not the type of girl she is....NOW for the part that hit me like lightening, just tonight, my ex-gf told me she still loved me and regreted breaking up with me. Now this isnt one of those young teenager relationships im almost 19 and im very serious. We broke up in september and she just told me this news two days after the girl im so interested in for the longest time is finally single. Now, i really havent gotten over my ex ever, i still think about her all the time , but she still doesnt want a serious realtionship even tho she said she still loves me,... me and her hada great relationship but i know that if I am lucky enough and this girl ive liked for the last year gives me a chance, that would prolly be great too. Im very lost and confused on what i should do next, and what decision i should make...please help me im in great need of as much advice and opinions as possible,...thanx alot for giving me your time

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I think I'd try out the new girl. The reality of the situation is that she might be a better match for you than you ex, and it might grow into something very special. Your ex, while saying that she still loves you, doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, so waiting for her might push her away. I know it seems strange, but it might. As for dating this new girl and how it might change things with your ex, it will probably make your ex want you back even more. But really, its about finding out what suits YOU best. So I say go for it with the new girl, and don't worry about your ex. Most likely, she will just want you even more if you date the other girl!


Best Wishes,


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hey man, i agree with bdub. no one can have their cake and eat it too, we're all human. I think your ex is selfish, and as long as you're there thinking about her, the more she believes it is that easy to just have you like that. Bdub is right, go against what i just said, go for all the marbles, it's your world you are living in. You've been interested in this other girl for a year, you're young try to make it happen with her.......From a male's point of view, the word ex only means that you've been there done that! Focus on new conquests and old ones will make their way round!

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