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MCATs in 2 days, freaking out!!!!!

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I am taking the MCATs in two days and i am COMPLETELY screwed. I have been studying but there is soooo much stuff to cover that whenever I master one thing, it seems like something else gets pushed out of my brain. I am sooo tired and my head hurts and this just really sucks. Has anyone taken their MCATs? how was it? I am pretty sure that there is a high chance that my score will not be so great, however it could go either way depending on the types of questions I get asked. I am wondering if anyone knows how schools view taking the MCATs twice. Does a low score the first time REALLY screw you over? I know alot of people who took it twice and are now in medical school. Should i take the test and have it marked? should i take it and void it at the end? I don't know!!! I just don't want to take it, get a low score, and then have it ruin my chances of getting into medical school.

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Honestly you probably know more than you think you do. Try walking away for a bit. I know its hard, but try it. Go for a walk. Get an ice cream cone. Then go back to it. When I study, I work for 50 min and take a 10 min break so I don't feel overloaded.


Take care! My fingers are crossed for you!


thats exactly what I do. when I work/study for hours on end, I get SO overwhelmed. After awhile, my brain just kind of turns to mush.


flashcards work great. do little trivia questions

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no worries. nobody really cares if you take it twice. it's actually good if you show improvement. i took it 3 times and still managed to get in. my third time was after 3 years had passed and i went to grad school. knew a friend who taught princeton review. so i got the course material. it helped a LOT. got a 33 after practicing the course material (up from 30). the most important thing i can tell is not to freak out. i don't know if they still do that silly thing where they deduct a quarter point if you guess wrong, but ignore it. guess away. your odds come out ahead even if you were to randomly guess. but since most of the time, you can eliminate 2 or 3 answers, you're NEVER better off leaving the answer blank. there are MANY MANY questions that have a very long passage that you actually don't need to read in order to answer the question. so remember to always read the question FIRST and see if you can answer it without reading the passage. this is less a test of your knowledge and more a test of your test-taking strategies. more important than how much you study the night before, is how much sleep you get.


oh, and in case you're not stressed out enough, a few years down the road, you will wonder why you ever freaked out about the MCAT's when you take the USMLE step 1, 2, and then 3. AND THEN take the specialty boards. each one gets harder than the last (although step 3 probably matters the least).

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