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My girlfriend, well as of 4 hours ago ex girlfriends ex boyfriend is a controling freak. He has always been reli close to her mum and little sister so i havent been bothered tht he still goes round on occasion to say hello especially wen my girl and him are mutual friends.


Today he turned really nasty towards her and is making life very hard for her because shes not with him. I received a text message from her earlier saying she wants to be with me but doesent want me to be dragged down into the problem. I love her to pieces and would do anything for her but i am out of ideas and dont know what i can do. We have had a great honest relalationship and her ex seems to hate the fact shes happy.


Any ideas what i can do to help out? Im still doing everything i can to hold onto it and i have asked her out straight if she wants me to fight and she doesent give me a straight answer.


I am an emotional wreck at the moment because of whats happened and just need some advice.



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