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Spermicidal Gel??


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Okay, I recently switched from Depovera to the B-control pill. (Ortho-Tricelen Lo) a month ago. So I am protected. Not only am I taking the pill every day at the EXACT same time, but I also just got off Depo. And they doctor said it would stay in my system up to 9 months. So kinda double protected.


I have a serious boyfriend. We are very much envolved. I see him in 2 weeks, after not seeing him in almost 6 weeks. We have a very special weekend planned and are both very much craving eachothers affection. I've been fantasising about it for SO long. Due to recent posts, I have found that most serious couples say that there is nothing more romantic then your partner cumming inside you. And I very much want to try this. Not all the time, just ONCE when I go down there for the weekend. And after that, once in a blue moon.


I am on the pill, and have depo in my system so kinda double protected in a way. But I want to take NO chances. We have amazing sex, and he always pulls out. I have never exprienced him cumming in me, and I very much want to!!


He is very nervous about that idea, and admitted he would prob be very paranoid a few days after him cumming in me and would stay that way until I got my period, even though I'm on b-control and am very irregular naturally and the doctor said it would take me awhile to get a normal cycle anyways so If I miss a period or two not to worry because ever since I started my period at age 12, Ive never had one once a month. Perfectly normal for me NOT to get one for 4 months, even with never trying b-control.


We agreed that we would feel alot better about him cumming in me if he used some spermicidal gel. And we wouldnt be paranoid after.


Here are my questions:


1.) where can you get this? Any drug store?


2.) Is it very expensive, if not could someone give me a rough estimate? Under $15?


3.) Is it VERY messy, or is it just kind of no different then alot of cum.


4.) If I went down on him with this on it, would it taste AWFUL?


5.) How much extra protection would we get from him putting this on with me being on the pill and still have depo in my system?

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I just read somewhere that the spermicides is for the woman to take? I thought it was for the man?? I'm confused! lol.


I also read that it comes in a tablet form?


Is this true, and if so would I be able to get that at the drug store?


Because that would be ideal! And if I do take the pill form, would that negate the effectiveness of my b-control pill?

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I honestly don't think you'll have to worry if you're on birth control. But......


Know what you're doing here because for a man, cumming inside his woman is powerful stuff, and is absolutely fantastic. You're opening up a can of worms. I think once he tries it, he will want to do that all the time. Its that amazing IMO. Just keep that in mind.

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Rose, you are double protected. I would hasten a guess that you are 109% safe at least.


If you are still needing something for peace of mind there is a film you can insert prior to intercourse called Vaginal Contraceptive Film (about $4.99/pkg of 3 at CVS). It is a spermicide and will need to be replaced with each session if I remember correctly.


It needs to melt before he inserts his penis, hence the need to get it in place prior to getting horizontal

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Yeah, I was actually reading all of this stuff about spermicides though. How it can cause yeast infections etc, and can cause allergies in some people and my boyfriend has VERY bad allergies, and that you can't even take a shower or bathe until 6 hrs after. And we deff wanted to have a romantic bubble bath.


I have come to a conclusion. I'm not thrilled about it, and as much as I want to, I've decided I dont want to take any risk of him cumming in me. Were just going to pull out. I'm going to be with him for the rest of my life, we will have PLENTY of time to try it, where oh lets say, a risk of a baby wouldn't be such a bad and life altering thing?


I'm in now way shape or form ready to be a mother. And I know I'm protected, extra so now, and I have nearly no chance I dont want to take it.


If he cums in me, all we will be doing is worrying and being paranoid, and that will ruin our weekend.


So were just going to stick to it as is. No worry. And sex is still BEYOND fantastic. Expec after 5 weeks.

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I was reading more about the VCF just now. It lasts for 3 hours. I doubt there are any worries about whether or not to take a bath because it kills sperm on contact. ZAP! hehe.


Since you don't want to use condoms then withdrawl is your best option. Good for you to seek out info and make a good choice for you both!!! You have a good head on your shoulders {hugs}

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Aw thanks. And what makes me feel even better is that I'm 19 years old, and although I am very impressionable about what other people say I have NEVER given in. I have never touched a drug, or a cigerette (I smoke hookah like 3 times a year with friends) and I've never been drunk. I dont like to drink, and neither does my boyfriend. He's also done none of that stuff either.


Haha I even went to a Rave for a year and never touched a drug.


The only bad choice was dating an ex heroin addict with no car and no job that got all his money from seeling drugs and his 33 yr old gay roomate who did hair and make up at a strip club=o


But yea, lessoned learned, never touched anything, and now a stronger person!

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Ha yeah. That lasted a year. My boyfriend changed all of that for me. He had never been to a club, I took him once the first 2 weeks we were together, and since then I've never been back.


It holds no appeal for me. Expec with wanting to go into Criminal Justice.


I've had an awesome Criminal Justice teacher who used to be a hit man for the CIA, and I have 2 great ones now. And a good shooting instructer.


I befriended the cheif of my towns police, and ran SWAT drills with them and shot fully automatic M-4's with them. It was awesome=)

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Lol yeah. It seems like I need to be more responsible though.


My mom has taken a fancy to yell at me whenever is nescessary. I left towels out when I took a bath and she freaked because I'm a "slob" and then because I was the last one to do the dishes it was "my" fault that the pie pan fell out of the cubbard and crashed into a million pieces.


I do feel like I have things to work on, but then doesn't everyone? I don't think I should be blamed for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in the house. ~sigh~ oh well.


And my mom wonders why I get grumpy!

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You can also get spermicidal foam in a little bullet-shaped capsule. It looks kind of waxy.


You insert it into the vagina about 20 minutes before intercourse so it can dissolve from your body heat, and distribute itself throughout the vagina.


The only downside is that it can get a bit runny and drippy after a while (and wet drips get itchy if they run down the insides of your thighs).


They come in packets of several in a box. I don't know if they have expiry dates.

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Yeah I decided I dont want to get it. Too many cons then pros. And I want us to be able to enjoy ourselves, and when it says I cant get wet until 6 hrs after, well that sucks because I want to have a nice relaxing bubble bath with him and then do it again, so yeah.


I think both of us would feel ALOT more at ease with pulling out like we had been. I asked my mom, and she would reccomend doing what were doing.


We have all our lives for him to cum in me. Like in my late 20's and early through mid 30's? Even though I'll most likely be on b-control, if something like an unplanned pregnancy it wont be a big deal vs if we were 19 or in our early 20's, something that would change our lives for ever in a BAD way.

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