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how should i approach this girl?


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hi all


im new to the forums here, and i've been looking for some advice for a situation i am in rite now


i met a girl last summer that i really like. we became pretty good friends however...she is probably my closest new friend in recent memory...


we don't see each other often anymore however, as we go to different schools during the normal school year, but we still chat online and occasionally on fone


we met once during the holidays during a party and i felt i really did make an impression on her


so now i'm beginning to think this is my best chance to ask her out before i lose my chance but i am rather nervous and uncertain of how i should go about doing this, because i have always been a relatively shy person and i have never seriously asked anyone out before


what i really need to know is basically what i should say, and what would be a good time to say it

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well asking a girl out isn't all that difficult, it's rather easy if you think about what your doing, before you actually do it, meaning you have a game plan...no i don't mean like Football or anything like that, More of a mental thought.


side note Key words have those annoying *'s Next to Them..


first consider the following, How long have you known her for, How often do you see each other...if it's not often than why make such a ditch effort at the option of being in a relationship with her if you have no way to see her, See what i mean here?(more contact other than Internet Protocols)


I'm assuming your young and do not yet drive..I could be wrong here but it's just a guess.


2nd if you do have "alternative ways" to visit, and see each other more often, i would first arrange something to do, other than just asking her out...via phone (bad idea) or over the Internet (even worse) your really set yourself up for *REJECTION* and you along with me don't want that to happen...


So let analyze this shall we...Ok you know her, Her name, perhaps what she likes to do, what types of food she likes (more on that later) and every other little sometimes unnecessary thing about her ( speaking in general terms here)


Lets highlight the Word FOOD, everyone likes to eat...especially good food, and if you know what she likes to eat at you can arrange a *DATE* see now how this process works my friend, you have to construct something more than "just knowing each other" getting to know each other more on a level of "hanging out" other than just under the title of "friends" that will come later...But for now you have to Focus on the main Objective here. which is....--->


Get something Organized with her I would not suggest a movie right away, No time to talk in person, and you really can't get to know someone better that way, take it more in the direction of....um Lets see maybe Roller skating, Bowling, A Hockey game, basketball...something casual, Than after that is completed, you can move into more of a "going out for dinner" after *Lunch Dates* have already been established..


so in the end she will overall be more comfortable with you, (in person) and you will have a less chance of *failing* in getting her to be your Girlfriend, In a nutshell..simple enough?

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we don't live that far apart, its jus we usually go different ways thats all, so it shouldn't be too hard to make contact


as for getting something organized, thats exactly what i tried over the holidays...i asked her to lunch but she thought i meant as a group and so the plan eventually turned into the aforementioned party...so i couldn't get too much time alone with her


i don't think there is much room for any moves if she is not alone with me, but i don't no how i would go about convincing her to do that without making it seem too obvious rite away

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i don't no how i would go about convincing her to do that without making it seem too obvious rite away


Maybe that is your best bet.....She might be waiting, and if she isn't ready to date, you can always look at it with the saying "Rejection Is Better than Regret" and if she says she isn't ready to date, just casually say "well you can't blame a guy for trying" that will be your fall back words... but showing Strong interest, and making that apparent, i think is your best bet, you can't be scared to try things..up your confidence, and Go in for the Kill.

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I'm a "test the waters" kinda guy. If she seems genuinely interested, and you can spot any other "quirks" that would suggest she might be interested, then act on it quick!!!


Actions speak louder than words. Grab her hand, look into her eyes, and say the first thing that comes to mind.


If she doesn't return, oh, well. At least you'll know for certain, right?

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