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Has anyone ever had this happen?


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Has anyone ever broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend... they wanted to work things out quickly however u werent ready. Well within that time they met someone new and began to string u along. However once u cut off all contact with them they decided they wanted to come back


Oh, you mean play games? Send mixed signals? Jerk me around???

Yep..been there, done that. I stopped talking to them once I realized their

motivations. Is this happening to you?

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i will say for the past two months ive been strung along by ex...knowing he was talkin to someone else....i still was listening to everything he said...and continuing to be there for him no matter what. pretty much he was having his cake and eating it tooo There is no way for him to change if i dont stop it. I will say I am only on day 2 of NC its hard ..but he has called twice today. I just feel as though he always thinks i am going to be there no matter what he does and its not right. I dont want to play games with him but im tired of feeling this way

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