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omg.... this my 7th breakup


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well it's breakup number 7. i have been broken up 7 times in the last 2 years. just a month ago he told me he loved me. he left two weeks ago and moved out of the country. i'm not sure how many times i can keep bouncing back. this breakup hurts really bad. i can't even look at men right now. i think i'm really started to have deep hatred for men.

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if they're truly with different people... then...


.. that means that in a span of 24 months, you've established (on average) 7 relationships which last 2-4months long. this says 2 things to me.


1- you like to be in relationships to the point where even a short one you consider a relationship while the other person may not view it this way...


2- the fact that you've had 7 in 2 years... you need time to step back and figure out who you are..... other people shouldn't make you happy. they should exist to share in your happiness... but, you'll never realize what it is that makes you happy if you keep trying to find it in someone else.

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... i don't even think i've ever had 7 gf's - or, known of 7 chicks that would date me (willingly).


LOL i know right. Anyways, yeah 7 different guys in 2 years, seems like you need to buckle down here. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you. Just need to figure out what exactly you want in people and who may be compatible for you.

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i can't even look at men right now. i think i'm really started to have deep hatred for men.


It's not that I'm kicking you when you're down but very wrong thing would be to think that it was just their fault. I mean, in those 7 people at least 1 or two had to be good people so very useful for future relationships would be to figure out what was your part of the blame.

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It seems your starting to get a little desperate. 7 breakups in two years? Damn. Well, I think it's safe to say that you should be alone for awhile. That's what I did, although I'm a guy, I've had one girlfriend in my life, and that 4 years ago. Now I'm not saying go 4 years with a boy friend, but a little while won't hurt.

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