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1 loss after another


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So in oct of 2007 my dad killed himself..


Just 1 yr before that my step mom died of cancer.

(well my dads gf but considered my step mom)



My brothers daughter (my neice) was born last Dec. so shes not even a yr. old. and she was born missing a chromosome. so shes been haveing complications her whole life.

Shes beens come home and then not too much after that shes getting flown back to iowa city cause she randomly stops breathing.


and 3 days ago she got flown back to iowa city cause she had a trake get put in and it got clogged and couldnt breath.

And shes been their since.


and last night my brother got a call saying that she was having sesures and he needed to get their asap..

so my mother, brother , gma, and sister in-law are their now.

and i just called to see how its going..


and gma said that my neice they think is partially brain dead.

what does this mean? Is she gonna die????

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sweetie I know exactly how you feel, me neice has been through alot but with faith and hope and also thinking positive about it things could get better! I'm praying for your neice and you whole family!!! And about your boyfriend...he may be feeling just as upset as yu are and his way of letting go his pain could be working. I will be praying for you guys!!!

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Your bf, like me, probably handles these things best by keeping busy. We all cope in our own way. I don't like others around me when I am grieving. We are all different. If your niece is partially brain dead it just means part of her brain no longer functions. She could live for years like this. I hope the doctors are wrong. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Try to think positive, which I know is hard sometimes.

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