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does this guy like me or am i overreacting


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Hey. Im sorry if this question is really stupid but its been bothering me.


Im in college. I dont answer my cellphone unless I know whose calling. I figure if its important theyll leave a voicemail. Anyway, since coming back to school this year I have had this one number call me like 4 or 5 times before, all on separate occasions. I recognized it as being from near my hometown and didnt answer it but one time I even called it back to try to see who it was. (they didnt pick up)


Yesterday I finally got a text from this number (during band practice). It simply said "Hi" and I FINALLY got to ask "who is this?" The answer was "Steve" There are two steves I know. My roommate's boyfriend and my neighbor Steve who I happen to be friends with. It was the 2nd guy.


He isnt stalking me, I think I had his number before but I lost my cell phone not too long ago and lost a whole bunch of them. But I think its strange because we are friends but not really close friends who call each other. Hes never called me before. The majority of our friendship he has had a girlfriend and now he doesnt really, but he is still talking to a girl he met when he was halfway accross the country for an internship.

I would say he called me all those times to borrow something or to invite me to something but I checked the last time he called, even though I didnt know it was him at the time, and it was late at night...and he doesnt usually drink. That night before he called I went with a group of people to see a comedian. I sat down next to him and we had good times as usual. The following night I saw him at a friends house. He doesnt usually drink like I said but he was a bit drunk that night (his first time actually) and the next day he was wondering when I was going to eat and later IMed me and said "hey sorry if I got carried away last night..." Not only that he texted me which I find weird.


Im sorry, am I overreacting? I find this behavior strange. He has gotten touchy feely with me, he is very huggy and stuff but Ive seen him hug other girls too so I never assumed anything. And from my viewpoint, he hasnt given me any special attention compared to his other friends that are girls.

I dont know, Im an extremely outgoing and kinda goody person. My goofiness alot of times is often mistaken for flirtaciousness and also it doesnt help when people are talking to me I look at them like the entire time they talk. I guess guys misread that too. Im worried he may like me.

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Well, in short, the answer would be to ask and find out.


The problem is, you've probably worked urself up into a frenzy about him. So now you can't untangle urself from your own emotions to approach him with ease (as if he was a stranger).


Or perhaps you could never do that in the first instance.


Either way, u could probably try to distance urself for a little while, distract urself with something else, give yourself some time to regain your rationality, and then see how you feel about it.

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Actually, no. I dont feel like my emotions have taken over me. I dont like him more than a friend. He would make a good boyfriend but I dont like him that way.


Im just asking because I find in situations like these in past I have been dead wrong. This behavior is strange to me, and I feel like that because my gut informs me so. But Ive been wrong.


I just find it very odd, considering he has never from my viewpoint, showed interest in me plus he has this thing with this girl from Florida he met from his internship. He told me the other day how she was "coming up for the weekend to do all this stuff" And hes not the player sort of guy.


I just wanted to see if others thought it was kinda weird too.

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