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how to go out with girls out of your league?


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Oh leagues exist. They exist in the hollow minds of shallow people. YOu have people who will only hang with othres in their social class, or their level of attractiveness, or education, or money. Happens all the time.


Fortuntately, most of us grow up and grow out of that phase.


I have one of the most ecclectic groups of friends around. They are from all social circles, race and income. Interesting people to me are interesting regardless of factors like class or race. Or looks. That to me is so childish.


You are as attractive as you think yourself to be honestly. There are dozens of women out there too, who are very attractive that have no one. So.. explain that one.


Also.. I agree with you Carmine.. there are probably lots of egotistical pretty women, but the door swings in the other direction and TONS of VERY egotistical handsome guys.....

For some reason... and I don't know why.. seems to be less handsome guys to go around than pretty women! It's not fair, but it sure makes the handsome guys make you feel, if you live in an area where they are rather snobby besides handsome, that you do not have a right to even look at them.. which is completely crazy!


But, you will always find superficial people, no matter how handsome, pretty, intelligent, rich or whatever... Just one of the human races flaws I'm afraid.


Just go where you heart sends you.....If you worry about being rejected cuz someone is not in your "league" you could miss out on a great opportunity to meet an amazing person.


And just cuz someone is not in the typical society's idea of "perfection" does not mean they won't make a perfect partner for someone.


I so wish, our entire society would drop all these stipulations on what is considered "acceptable" for a partner and mind it's own business!

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And that's pretty dang shallow and if she feels that she's "limiting" herself by dating someone based on looks, then she probably will lead a very sad and pathetic life.


I suppose it is shallow. But this is how some women think in reality. I guess it's their loss in the end.

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