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So 22 days no contact and I sent him a birthday message...

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But, I am fine.


I deleted him as a friend on Facebook, I responded to his messages with one word replies and "mate". I've done enough to show him I'm strong. I never went through the begging and pleading stage..I was dignified. We were friends before we were together and I wanted to send him an ecard. I love him to death but I think about us being back together and I realise it's not what I want because it would be the same as before. It won't make me happy. If he responds, I absolutely will not reply..I've said what I needed to.


The ecard was irresistible.


He knows what an animal lover I am and it was a bunch of animals all singing "Happy birthday to you, you were born in a zoo, with monkeys and donkeys, happy birthday to you". Hahaaa! Amazing.


Anyway..Maybe I'm an idiot. I probably will think about him today, I've not been looking forward to this. But hey, once it's over there's tomorrow and every other day of the rest of my life.



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