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Don't know what I feel__

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You can say, I am the least good with relationships_


lately I havent been feeling anything, as though I am numb, coming out of 3 bad relationships after investing so much time into them I end up being the one who gets left behind, with each heartbreak I know I get stronger but this last heartbreak left me for dead, my feelings I can't feel, I don't feel my heart breaking I don't feel anything, I keep wanting to break down but I just can't its like I feel disappointed and mad. Maybe at myself but maybe at her?


This last girl I was with cheated on me, and I caught her red handed. I walked away and forced myself to move on. I'm just not feeling anything this time, Is this normal I keep asking myself?


I can't get my mind off her, can't stop myself from seeing her with someone else inside my mind. Its like a bad movie that replays itself over and over in my head, I feel like a robot when I'm at work, even though I don't feel like doing anything I'm forcing myself to do life because I know I need to.


I haven't felt like myself, maybe its the disappointment that got me feeling this way, Am I still shock from this? I feel so used up and so dried out, I want to break down and cry but when I try to let it out I just can't seem to shed a tear___ I ask god to let me feel something and let me move on but I'm just so numb...


I want to know if someone has felt this way before and that Its normal and I'll eventually move along just fine =( This is the first time I couldn't cry___

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sorry to hear you're going through this. how long ago did you break up/find out about the betrayal? maybe you're still in shock? or maybe you've gone through the shock/sad/angry phases and now you feel like nothing but a walking ghost, going through the motions of every day life without any hope for enthusiasm for anything. i know how that is, and i know how you feel about the bad movie reel. my ex-bf cheated on me too and thoughts of them were haunting me constantly. time will heal as everyone says, but i think those bad thoughts of your ex with the other person is a major road block to your recovery. you gotta really try to focus on YOURSELF, not on your ex.


it's been about a month for me and a thing i learned through therapy is that you really have to have some kind of powerful symbol or image that will give you strength and that you can conjure up when bad thoughts come into your head. thoughts that you're worthless loser because you were dumped, thoughts of your ex and the other together, etc. if you keep thinking like this, you're preventing yourself from moving forward (which includes starting to FEEL and cry for the loss.) when those bad thoughts come into play, conjure this image up and focus on it like it's your mantra. it really does help, at least for me it does. i imagine that there is an eternal fire inside me, that keeps me strong through this trauma, that enlightens me and guides me, it makes me feel that i'm am above all this bulls**t that's happened to me because of my ex. i focus on this image the minute i realize my mind is drifting to negative thoughts. the image lifts me out of that negative funk and redirects my thoughts/emotions in the right direction.


about not feeling anything and crying - you really have to allow yourself to feel these things so you can process your feelings. it almost helps even to trigger these emotions but looking at a photo of the ex, etc. or really replay all the terrible things she did to you and think about how that makes you feel. cry it out! you'll feel better.

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Thank you so much for the advice, now I feel a bit better and I'll really keep that in mind next time that bad movie replays again_ It has only been about a good 2 weeks since, thats probably why I haven't really put together the pieces to all this yet. I know time will heal this, but its just lately this been feeling kinda odd how I couldn't even cry_ Maybe the disappointment and anger is really taking up that feeling of wanting to let go and move on_ I wish there was some sort of medicine to make me feel it and cry it all out_ but I guess once I get a little bit better I'll let it out, but for now its just this feeling of nothingness is really eating up me__


Thank you again for those words =D

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I understand the feeling nothing... it's been nearly two months for me and I feel like I don't feel anything for anyone anymore not even myself. I feel like all my caring feelings for anyone have just simply slipped away. It's sad.. I want to care again but i just feel so emotionally drained... i can cry still.. at night before bed when i miss him most... but the tears aren't coming as easily, even though i still have this feeling of dread and sadness hanging over me all day everyday, i can't cry as much anymore. I just feel nothing. For anything or anyone. Just nothing. There is a guy interested in me at the moment, and hes pretty much everything I'm looking for in a guy, but I can't feel anything for him for some reason. I'm trying. But there is no feeling at all. Not even when we kiss. Just nothing. It just makes me more sad becuase I used to be a really romantic emotional person... I feel like I've lost me I totally understand you.

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i empathise with you. i have had two break-ups now which have both been painfull and i really do feel as though i'm over the whole love thing. I have always been a positive and optimistic person, but it's hard not to become jaded and cynical with each crushing of the heart.

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