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Is my ex just using me??


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Lately my ex has been doing a lot of " I'll call you later", or " let me call you right back" after talking to me on the phone and never does. This past week and a half with the exception of Sunday, my ex has been the one to call me during the day and we talk for about a good 15-20 minutes. The talks are always great like she'll ask about my family and even suggested one time that she should come over and cook for us because my mom is sick,etc.etc. On sunday I only called her back b/c she called me while i was watching football and I told her I would call her back. Well of course she never answered ( I called twice, 10pm and 1am.)Almost every time we're on the phone she's the one who chooses to get off but always says she'll call me back later tonight. I'm wondering if she's just using me for the time being for emotional support or if all this talking even though she never calls back when she say's she will is a positive thing. Not sure but there might be a new guy b/c she told me she went to a concert yesterday ( I never asked with who) but she could have gone with a group of friends, not really sure. Im really confused because I really make no effort to call her or text but i always answer when she calls. She basically calls me every other day which I think is a good thing but I've been noticing this pattern with her lately and wondering what you guys and gals think. She actually even said it today so we'll c how that goes, its almost midnight so I doubt she'll call back.

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When did she start this behavior? After the break up or recently.


It all really depends. Maybe she misses you at certain times of the day and need your company. Maybe she is trying to get you back or be friendly or string you along.


I'm having the same issue with my ex so i wonder how yours play our bro. My ex calls about once a week and we broke up recently.

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