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Odd feeling after 3 years of no contact.

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So... it's a rarity that I ever feel emotion towards my ex. We were together for about 5 - 6 years and lived together for 2 of those. There is no need to get into a lot of back story, just be aware that things obviously did not work out and you can consider it a messy breakup. Since then, we've both moved on and she's happily married and I've been dating someone serious.


Anyways, as I stated it is seldom that I ever think of her, but for some illogical reason, I've been thinking about her more than usual lately. What baffles me is that these feelings are more "sentimental" in nature and have no bearing with any secret desire to get back together with her.


I think about what life would be like had we stayed together. For instance, tonight I was reading a book and a particular passage reminded me of being in her grandmothers house. I could literally picture myself walking into the dining room, throwing my coat over the chair and sitting down with her elderly grandmother, drinking tea and chatting endlessly about the most trivial latest town gossip.


These sudden memories and feelings seem odd and out of place for me.


Believe me, I've gone through all of the stages of grief - denial, guilt, anger, acceptance take your pick.. To be quite truthful, I still believe that I am over them. I guess there must be some sort of hidden residual emotion that's been waiting for the right trigger to erupt.


I just figured I'd share that.

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I think that's normal for any person that has a heart. Getting over someone doesn't necessarily mean you can completely erase him/her from your memory. Once in a while those memories appear from the six feet under of your heart. It's ok to feel "sentimental" for a while. Just don't sink into it for too long.

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