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Update to "he hasn't called"....


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Hi all,


Just thought, for the sake of completeness, I would post an update on my situ with the guy....


He called me again tonight for the second time, I didnt answer, but the whole thing has been playing on my mind so wanted to tell him what I'd decided, so I called him.


He was very chirpy and was chatting away about the weekend, didnt mention about not calling me, but explained his crazy night out, then he asked me what I got up to, so I told him about my crazy night, lol! He asked me about work, etc. etc. and said he just wanted to call to say hi. I then said I needed to speak to him actually and he was like oh...


So I basically told him that I had decided that this doesnt feel right for me and I didnt think it was going very well. I said with his situ at the moment, I felt almost like a mistress of some sort and it feels wrong. I said the timing is just not right.


He was cool about it, sounded a little gutted, but he agreed that it was a bad time to do this and he didnt want me to be feeling uncomfortable or upset in anyway, so we agreed it was for the best. I feel so much better now, feel like I've done the right thing, and morally aswell.


He then said that as we are friends, he would still like to call me and chat if that was cool, and he said that he hopes that we can maybe pick up and start over once he has moved out, when things are better, and I will definitely get an invite over to see the new flat etc. Only two weeks to go.


I guess I'll just see how it goes then! Im not gonna hold me breath obv., I may meet someone else next week! but I am glad he said that.

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Fabulous! Just the right tone and pitch....


It really was not cool for him to say he call and then just not, then pick up during the week after not seeing you for the weekend. So you handled it quite well and got straight to the point, which he isn't really free to call and see you while living with someone else.


He'll also think twice before he says he'll call or text then just wander off!

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He still won't be completely emotionally available.


I agree.


I highly doubt he will have anymore to offer you, when he does move out. But good on ya making a stand and letting him know how you feel.


If it was someone I had feelings for, think I'd go NC to be honest. But if you can deal with friends, then it's up to you I guess.

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Thank you D-Lish and Be strong be happy.


I am definitely 100% keeping in reality about the fact he may want to go single and have a good time when he moves out. As far as I'm concerned, I've done the right thing for me at this time and I don't feel attached to this guy in any way except as friends now. I am moving on and am not gonna hold out for anything!

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