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Help me look older!


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Here's the thing. I'm 19, 20 in a few months, and I have a pretty frustrating problem. According to two older women I've met in passing within the last year (er, not women I was interested in), I look like I'm younger than 15; in fact, the first woman said I look like I'm under 12! Ugh... No wonder I can't get a girlfriend; now I can't help but wonder if that's how all girls my age see me, and that's why I can't get a date (after all, what 20 year old girl wants to date a "12 year old boy"?). So, basically what I'm asking is, uh... how can I look my own age, rather than look like I'm not even 12 years old?


Er, well, there are some things I should probably mention. For one, I'm really short (5'2", *maybe* 5'3"), so that could possibly factor in a little bit. And I guess I DO sort of have a natural "younger" look to my face, but I wouldn't say under 17, 18, let alone under 15... What can I do? This sucks...

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lol bro i got the same problem. I honestly think it really doesnt matter how you look but how you act. im 19 and people at my job (warehouse) say im 12. its no biggy for me. i've had a few girlfriends and even had sex with a 26 year old mother of 2. i now have a beautiful girlfriend and its all good. just have a positive attitude because "age ain't nothing but a number"

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Start going bald?


I wouldn't worry too much about it. A few years from now you'll wish you looked that young again. But if you want, try working out a bit... not Hulk Hogan bulk but build some muscle. Grow a goatee/mustache or something? How do you dress? Maybe you can start dressing "older" and I don't mean plaid polyester slacks pulled up to your armpits.

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My situation is similar to yours, though not quite as extreme. I am 24 years old but people have percieved me as young as 16.


I would try some good, neat facial hair and maybe dress in smart clothes.


Otherwise, don't go messing with the aging process, just wait it out. Guys like us will be loving it when we get to our 30's and 40's because we will still look like the bee's knees.

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Haha, I'll keep thinking about it.


As for clothes, well... Let me put it this way. Yesterday (when that second woman made the comment about how old I look, which is what made me make this topic in the first place), the woman saw me in my work clothes. The first woman from a while back, she saw me during winter, and I remember at the time, I was wearing a bulky winter jacket, since it was pretty cold at the time. So, I'm not so sure my clothes are the problem, unfortunately...


Heh, and yeah, maybe my "youthful" looks will come in handy years from now, but what am I supposed to do until then? lol Apparently, these next few years are going to be pretty lonely for me...

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