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If you want a baby. 100% safe.


Seriously not a good idea...only idiots think that pulling out is birth control.

Me and my boyfriend have been doing it for 5 years that way and I have never gotten pregnant, that's why I am asking. I was thinking he must just have really good control.

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I would say a good estimate is about 75% effective with imperfect use. That means if you did this for a year, you'd have 25% chance of getting pregnant. In three years, you be more likely than not to have gotten pregnant.


If you had unprotected sex for a year, your chances of getting pregnant are near 99%.


That being said, it is much more effective than not using any form of birth control, but still a serious gamble.

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How about using the pull out method AND the gf being on the pill? If you don't like using condoms it's probably a good way to do it. I wouldn't just go with pulling out, just in case I got pregnant. Not ready for that yet. But I hate condoms, bare back is SOOOO much better! My bf thinks so too


i 2nd this. that's how i usually do it.

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