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Taking things too quickly


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I just got out of a relationship about 3 weeks ago...my boyfriend of 8 months left me for a teenager and proposed to her just 2 weeks later. All of this destroyed the little trust I had in the opposite sex, and it was something very painful for me to go through.


Now, less than a month later, I've met another guy who appears to be extremely caring, nice, and trustworthy. I went on a date with him and I like him, but the problem is he likes me a lot MORE than I like him.


The problem I'm having is that even though he's a great guy and I would like to get to know him better and spend time with him, I know in my heart that it's too soon for me to rush into a relationship with someone. This guy really believes we will end up in a relationship, and I think it's a possibility...but not right now. I'm not holding back because of a commitment thing...I don't have the desire to go out and meet a bunch of guys...but I'm just not ready to give my whole heart away yet and I don't know how to break that to this new guy, who REALLY likes me a lot.


We already went on a date and he's been wanting to see me every day since then...and I keep avoiding it because I don't want to lead him to believe we're going to be a "couple" tomorrow or anything. How do I tell him, without him taking it personally, that although I really want to get to know him I need to be single right now? I know he's going to think it's because I don't want to be tied down, but really it's because I need to focus on myself and give myself time to get over the pain I recently felt. I am terrified of letting anyone come into my life again at the moment, and I don't want to hurt this guy by saying I like hanging out with him but that I can't be his girlfriend any time soon.


Does anyone have any advice? Be honest and open with me please, that's what I need right now.

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