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i love and it wont come out


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im new at this but here it goes

i like this girl at my school and i have liked her since the beggining of 7th grade and we are now freshman she doesnt know how i feel about her i dont know how i have kept it in so long but just walking up to somebody and telling them you like or love her could be one of the most hardest things to doin my eyes. you always hear people telling other poeple to just let it all out but thats not right. i dont care about her looks or anything i like her for who she is and somehow when i try to let it out it never comes out and i am shy around her when i am talking to my friends and she walks over i usually stop talking and it feels akward to usually both of us and we have so much in common and iwant to know if there is a chance and tomorrow is valentines plus last day of school for my because we have vacation and the year is almost over and i want to know what to do but i dont know. i love her laugh i love her smile i love her eyes i love everything there is about her help me please

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Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to show her that you care. How convenient that it is...tomorrow! This is rather short notice for you to really plan anything big, but maybe you could print out a vday e-card and give it to her tomorrow. Or maybe leave a little earlier to pick one up from the store. You might be able to grab some chocolates or even flowers (if they look nice) while you are there. You don't need to come straight out and say you love her and you obsess about her, but you can write in a card that you think she is amazing and you would love to get to know her better. Even write what you have told us here...


i love her laugh i love her smile i love her eyes



of course, if you are directing it towards her, you would replace "her" with "your" but it is always easier to express your feelings through writing than it is to say it face-to-face. But take what I have written at the bottom here to heart...because nothing may happen if you don't do anything to MAKE it happen. Good luck!

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snestivity, my man,


You rock, man! Get the courage to buy that card and write that stuff that mermayd quoted back to you. You expressed yourself in an excellent way! Chocolates? Hmmm... yummy!! Another brilliant idea from mermayd! I leave near Belgium, Europe. This country is famous because of its finest chocolates. Need me to mail you a box over express mail?


Bear in mind that the worst thing that could happen is for her saying that she is not as interested in you than you are in her. So what? Does that stop you from trying? I suggest that it better not let this stop you.


So follow Nike's lead, snestivity: "Just do it!" ... Good luck


~ SwingFox ~

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