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Just cant let her go

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It has been a while since I have been on here..... or even written anything. Since the beginning of the year, I have broken up with the only girl I think I have ever loved. Not by my choice though, it was hers. We lived together and it came time for me to relocate for job reasons. Everything was going fine and we had made plans for her to move once I got things in order. Everything was a go until it finally came down to it. Then she changed her mind. We still saw eachother whenever we could and I still talked to her but then she started not calling or texting and I hadn't seen her in months. She told me that she needed "time" and wanted to think things through. (I think that her best friend/EX had alot to do with it but she denies that). We didnt talk for a few months. I didnt even care really. I mean, I thought about her from time to time but I didnt waste my time or go out of my way to text her or email her or anything. I just wanted to let it go and forget about it. July 4 of this year, she texted me and told me that she missed me... Thats all fine and good and everything but since then, I had met a great girl. She is probably the sweetest girl I have ever been with. She would do anything for me and I know she wouldnt treat me the way that Rachel did. I just have one problem.......


I cant let Rachel go.


Yesterday was my birthday...I didnt hear from Rachel. As a matter of fact, I havent talked to her much at all lately. I still think about her...and I guess I always will but I just want to let her go and give Lauren the love I know she deserves...


I dont know if I am looking for a response really... Just kind of wanted to get these feelings off my chest.



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hey lost in love.seems like your ex is really confused as to what she wants. she keeps on getting back in touch with you and thus giving you hope. i think this is just delaying your healing. you should go NC with Rachel, even though you want her friendship this friendship right now is not healthy. if you cant let her go and she doesnt wanna work things out and you already got another girl i think its best you go nc and heal and gve lauren a chance, sine according to you she deserves it. maybe in the future once Rachel is out of the picture and you dont have any feelings left there wel maybe and only then can u get hold of her and b friends,, but for now i would advice to go no contact otherwise this rachel girl will only bdragging you along...

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Wow, that's tough. When my current SO and I first got together, I still wasn't over my ex. I usually don't get into a new relationship right after a breakup, but this one just kind of happened. What helped me is that I started realizing how cute she was, and that I never wanted to hurt her. She also made me realize what a jerk my ex had been.

If you truly want to be with this new girl, don't contact Rachel at all.

I think part of the reason why you can't get over Rachel is because she rejected you. Rejection is a weird thing. We can't stand that we were rejected so it takes us a long time to get over the person that rejected us.

So just understand that not being able to let go of her could be because of feeling rejected and hurt pride.

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