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So have you ever heard of bookcrossing?


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Today, after doing some shopping I decided to walk home. It turned out to be a rather long walk down some less familiar neighborhoods.


At one point, I had stopped for a coffee and on a whim, bought a paper out of one of those machines.


Inside was a book in a plastic bag with a sticker that said "I'm not lost! Free book. See inside for details."


So I took it home with me, and it's a book that I wouldn't have picked up myself in a million years. And it quite interesting. Enjoyable and different.


This is how I found out about this site called link removed. They ask you to visit it if you use the book, and the site tracks where books travel to. You release books out for someone to find, or you might find one like I did today.


Just thought I'd share, as I didn't know about this before, and it's pretty cool to find out there is such an organized effort for something like this! What some of us have been doing for ages, is now organized with the good old internet.


It's gotten me curious. I love books. I know a lot of other people do too. With the internet, there is so much organizational power available that wasn't before.

There's online book clubs, even lectures and video conference.

There's online swaps.


Does any here at enotalone take part in any of this stuff? Maybe, something even more interesting?



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I never heard of "book crossing"- but it sounds really cool!


A good friend of mine started her own book club, and it seems to be going great. I never joined because I don't have the time right now to commit to meetings, etc but I always throught it was a nice concept. If anything, an online book club sounds more appealing to me. If only I had more time.....:splat:

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