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bad advice from my advisor?

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Here's a quick rundown of what my situation I'm dealing with. Right now I'm a sophomore at my university (should've been a junior but failed a few classes, took some unneeded courses up till now) and currently under academic probation. To get out of academic probation I need to get a 2.0 or higher (right now its a 1.9) so I had to fill out an academic contract with my advisor.


When it came down to filling out the contract though it felt like my advisor was pretty much deciding everything for me instead of "discussing it" with me. My school uses something called a GRO where you can replace a bad grade by taking a class over again for up to 10 units. I've already used 4 of those and my advisor wants me to GRO Vector Calculus (another 4 unit class). So basically this will be my last GRO, but I even told him that I don't feel comfortable using my GRO on that class because I don't expect to get higher than a C. Even then I'm worried I'll GRO the class and fail it again, wasting my last GRO. I took it last semester and failed it, so I know not to expect an A or B.


Should I just ignore the contract saying "I will GRO ________(vector calculus)" and just make sure I get at least a C in there? I know that if I do well this semester I can probably get back up to at least 2.2, but I don't know if they get on my case for not following that tiny part of the contract.

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Can't really say anything about the advisement because I'm not familiar with that system or policy but...


Just wanted to say I got a D in college algebra and then had to waiver out of my college calculus because I was failing. I knew I had to get through those two classes if I wanted to stick to my major and so I did the one thing I vowed never to do and I ended up finding one of the best tutors I could and paid 20 dollars for a once a week session with him throughout the semester. I ended up getting straight A's for the rest of my college math classes. The main issue for me was I wasn't good in algebra and thereforee couldn't be good in either algebra or calculus(which is really just a step or two of calculus and then the rest is algebra).


This tutor was a professor at a nearby community college and broke down each problem step by step based on what kind of problem it was and just had a great way of making things easier to understand than what I got in a classroom. Best 20 bucks per week in college I ever spent and saved my GPA, my ability to get through college, and my sanity.


I'd recommend it. Also that on top of getting into a math lab for extra help is golden.

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he's probably doing the right thing, if you don't take care of it now, there may be no more using them anyway when they kick you out. At some larger universitys you can buy top level students notes to help you understand, what about talking to the prof and asking for someone that can help tutor you.

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