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I just feel so stupid and hurt, this is why getting back with an ex doesnt work


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I broke up with my girlfriend of about 10 months today.


We were together for about two and a half years at one point, then we broke up and went NC for a good two and a half years. We then got back together last Christmas. I posted about it here.


She has been acting weird the last couple of day's. Today I got it out of her that she slept with some dude that I don't know. (what a tramp)


She had been planning on moving in with me for the last few months. We had set a date for November. She was the one pushing for the move. She even got my name tattooed on her. She said she loved me, I believed her.


I just feel so stupid, so hurt, but mostly stupid. I feel like I want to cry but I can't. I'm hungry but food doesn't sound good at all.


She cried after her confession. Said it was a huge mistake, said she loved me, said she was oh so sorry. I told her I was stupid for getting back with her in the first place. I told her once a cheat always a cheat. I told her to have a nice life, then I hung up the phone.


I thought she would have called by now, she hasn't. I got to get up early for work tommaro but I know I'm not going to sleep a wink.


I honsetly think she is a sex addicted. I really do. I know this girl through and through. However self control is a virtue, respect for your love one's is what matters. They are all you really have in this life.


I can't explain how painful it is to shut someone out of your life that you truly love.


After our last breakup a few years ago, I thought about her everyday. I knew we would cross paths again. I knew we would have another chance at love. And I'll be damned if we didn't.


This time I know there is no chance. I deserve better, I am better.


I really needed to vent all this. Thank you to all my friends at ENA.

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i think you did the right thing, as painfull as it was. She needs to learn the word respect and perhaps get that tattoed on her as well.


she's obviously ashamed at what she did, and i can't tell you what to do in this case, but you need to ask yourself whether you can trust her again. if you can't, then there's no point taking her back again even if she does try to come back


you do deserve better that, everyone does.

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If she didn't want to tell you, you wouldn't even know what happened. She feels the guilt and wanted to make amend. I don't think anyone tattoos bf's / gf's name on them just to fool them they love them.


Personally I would probably give her one more chance. But it's up to you to decide, people stuff up.

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That's a real shame Andy. After all that you and this woman went through she still hasn't learned from her mistakes. How many chances does this woman want? I also disagree about cheating simply being a 'mistake'. Some can say that it is, BUT it's also a choice. A choice that shows for a moment in time your feelings didn't register on someone else's radar. How's a tattoo supposed to make that better? Tattoo's can be removed, painful, time consuming, but they can. The feelings from cheating can and usually do take much longer to subside, if they do at all. Then the trust has to rebuilt, which also takes time if it can be repaired at all.


You did yourself a favour, if you didn't bounce you most likely would have simply repeated what transpired the first go round.


Good Luck on your healing.

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