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A lot of 'mature' male friends around...


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Nothing really serious, I just thought of getting some insights (and some assurance that I am normal).


I'm only 20 and as much as I enjoy my youth and my peers of the same age bracket, I also find myself surrounded by a lot of male friends that are way older than me. Some are the same age as my dad, and even older. Because of the nature of my work and my organizational affiliations, interacting with them is inevitable. I enjoy their company, especially their wisdom. I find them to be a lot more sensible to talk with than most guys my age.


A special friend of mine (special in a sense that we're more than friends but less than lovers; he courted me before; and he's only 23, just to clarify) does not approve of me going out with my 'mature' friends. He says he's not comfortable, he thinks that all of them are hitting on me, he's worried of what other people might think about me, etc.. but I'm not bothered at all! lol!


I am completely sure that there's no way I'll get involved in a May-December love affair, but he argues that I have the tendencies to get attracted to older men. Hmmm...

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It doesn't matter at all. No one should be telling you who to hang out with anyways. I mean it would be one thing if you were surrounding yourself with people who were regularly putting your health/safety at risk, but these sounds like decent people.


I don't understand the 'what other people would be thinking about you' part at all. I assume younger people who can spend time with older people are just more mature. You should tell your friend to mind his own business.

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It sounds like 1. He is jealous and 2. He is trying to control you.


He has feelings for you, so he is obviously acting jealous and possessive. You do what YOU WANT, not what he thinks you should be doing. If I were you, I wouldn't even entertain a friendship with a guy like this.


As long as you enjoy being in the company of these people go ahead and do it. Nobody is forcing you to be with them, you are doing it because you enjoy it. When you stop enjoying it, stop hanging out with them.


Tell him to mind his own damn business. You are not his girlfriend.

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