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Applying to a program that requires high school math, without high school math, only college math


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Im just thinking about what I am going to do for the next school year. I planning on going to a different college, I will have graduated from my current college by then, and do a totally different program. Now I've posted it countless amount of times on here, that I dont have G12 math and that I am going to do it in night school to get it. However, right now my current timetable is too tight and I will able to make it on time to night school once a week.


Now I have done college Math and English at my college. So I was wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to use that like a transfer credit and not have to do the math during the school year plus use it as a way to get into the program. So does anyone know if that can be done?


P.S. Regardless of the outcome I am going to do the G12 math.

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I've been out of high school for 1 school year. I graduated high school in 2007. I started college during the Fall 07 school year, so my first year was last Septmeber. Now I am thinking on applying to Humber Colleg for their Architectural Technology program.


The site says I need G12 math, and mentioned something about a entrance exam. See I failed Advanced Functions and Intro Calculus, so I don't have G12 math yet. Liek I said I am going to get it, but if I can get in without having to get it first then I dont have stress on my shoulders.

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Will you be 19 by the first day of classes? Because then you'd qualify as a mature student, and you can take entrance exams to get in.


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EDIT: The same page also has information on transfer credits.



I'll be 19 before 2008 is over. On the first day of classes I'll be almost 20. Thats pretty sick that they have mature status at 19 years old, Ryerson has it 22.


But still I wonder if I can use my math, college math, as my ticket to not have to do a mature student enterance exam.

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It might be possible, but I think you'd have to contact someone from the college for that. It might be on the website somewhere, but it'll be buried, and you'll probably never find it.


Also, if you don't mind my asking, which campus are you applying to? I only ask because I know the Orangeville campus (because thats right near where I live when I'm not at school) has been accepting applicants for two years, and they haven't even started building it yet, so it might not be the ideal place to apply to.

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Honestly, I was going to apply to George Brown for the program which would of been at the Casa Loma Campus. But Humber has a co-op implemented into their program and all I seen on the site as far as which campus, its their North campus. I would assume its the one on lakeshore.

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