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Ex girl help...


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Hey all,

alright so this girl and i were somewhat going out and then i didn't make a move is my best guess and then i was completely just dumped. Now at the time it wasn't a big deal, i wasn't into the whole relationship thing w/e. So even after the break up i would constantly see her or find her looking my way to this day. she had me blocked on msn messenger, up until a week ago. and now i'm not sure where to go....i mean i think she's maybe hinting at something but i'm not sure how to persue her or anything. I am not a shy guy, i am very outgoing but she is intimidating.


With all that said, i ask you, what i should do in persueing her, how to confront her, and not like go up and say hey babe, i love ya, b/c it's not realistic. So plz help thank you!

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