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Sex Drive + Birth Control


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Has anyone had their birth control completely suck their sex drive to the point where its non existant?


I was on one for several years, and it was ok. My drive would fluctuate a little and sex wasn't a huge thing for me.


Recently I switched to another brand. The frist month I was NUTS. I was the one begging for it and he was the one turning it down. We both loved it, and part of me feels that that is normal for me.


After being on this new pill two months now, I don't even think of sex.

It's been over a month since we've had sex, which is very very hard because he's the type who would like it daily and has a VERY high sex drive.


I know some things have changed in my life..back to school, working two jobs, and I am tired. So I thought maybe it was related to that, as in the past I've noticed the changes..


But I've stopped and thought...I don't even think of sex. I don't even remember the last time I pleasured myself, or craved my boyfriend.


Could this be due to the pill?

Has anyone had a regular sex drive while on the pill?

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this exact thing happened with my ex. She was on the new birth control and before our sex life was amazing. It dwindled down to really nothing. She said she had no desire to do it at all.


This ultimately broke us up. I couldn't believe her, I kept thinking she was not attracted to me anymore. I guess this was what happened. It's true. My ex thought it would go away. But after 6-8 months. It was still there. I would go see a doctor about it....something I wish my gf did do and maybe we'd still be together.

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My ex was insatiable enough off the pill, on it she was... mad lol...


Nearly broke me a couple of times lol =P


By the sounds of it, it differs depending on either the formulation itself, or the way particular formulations react with particular people...


Mebbe see your doc about changing the pill you're using?


Though I guess killing desire is a fairly effective method of contraception lol...

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It killed my ex's sex drive as well. She was on the Nuva ring for over 2 years, and due to her getting a new temporary job, and losing insurance, she went off of it. While on the ring, we'd have sex about once a day. It was great, then slowly, the sex began to taper off. It got to the point where she didn't have her period for over 7 months. We were worried about her health. The doctor did all kinds of tests, her hormones were screwed up badly. I began to doubt whether or not my ex was really attracted to me. My self-esteem was beginning to dwindle. I thought to myself, this girl doesn't get turned on by me, something must be wrong with me. We fought over the lack of sex. I was frustrated, she was hurt, and couldn't understand why I was becoming distant. It was a horrible situation. Anyways, it pretty much ruined our relationship. She thinking I'm only interested in sex, and me thinking she really isn't into me. If only we could've talked about it....................

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Yea, thats where we're pretty much at.


My sex drive has always been much lower than his..except for that one week transition period.

He associates sex with love, so the lack of sex makes him question my love for him. Its highly frustrating, and for the most part he's trying to be understanding, but last night just ended in disaster with him getting quite upset and just leaving.

So I know its something I have to try and remedy for the sake of us because I know he values sex and sexual activity and ranks it fairly high on the intimacy scale, plus I do enjoy it obviously but I haven't even given it a thought this past month...which is fairly unusual.


I just don't know if I want to completely ditch the pill completely..as we have been using it as our primary birth control...grrr.

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Well, I pray to God I DONT get that way, but I've been on the pill for over a month, and I was on Depo for 10 months, and during this time I didnt notice anything but an INCREASE in my sex life at most.


I'm on my 2nd month of pills, and just today in Psychology I was fantasizing about my boyfriend having sex with me and all the positions. I seem to get horny ALL The time.


It may also have to do with the fact that I will be seeing him once weekend a month and every day on holidays, and when I see him in 2 weeks it will of been nearly 6 weeks without sex, so yeah lol.


But even on Depo, if we went more then 3 days I would get HORNY. I know they say guys are the hornier of the 2, but honestly? Sex is alot more important to me and I'm the much more hornier of us=)

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