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hopelss pls help

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Hey hun, the first thing you need to do is take in a deep breath. I know your life seems to be in shambles right now, you need to focus on the good things in your life, however little they may seem. It is always hard for a parent to accept that their child is different, and your mother loves you. Of course she isn't going to let you just leave and shut her out of her life. You don't have to talk to your mother about being gay all the time, but trying to make her understand will never happen. Just tell her to accept who you are. YOu are still her daughter and the only thing that is different is who you are attracted to. BIG DEAL!!! As for your girlfriend, I am in a long distance relationship myself and it is hard being away from him. I am a girl, and being away from my boyfriend is very difficult. Maybe you should get a web camera. That way you can see eachother even though you are away. Talk on the phone as much as you can, or online. That is the only thing that you can do right now. Be patient sweetie...things will get better as you grow older.

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actually when i sow my moms reaction i tray my best to deny it and she believed it but that mad me so sceard and living with "what if she find out that it is true" i cant change my self all my life i prefer girls at first i didnt understand what was wrong with me untell i met my first girlfriend thats when i turnd out now know i cant live with men at all. but can she understand that i dont think so!

anyway thank u so much for ur advice i will work on it

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your so very welcome girlie. Listen, If you ever need to talk, I am the type of person who will not juge you because of who you are attracted to. I understand that you are human and u have the same feelings towards annother human being....the same feelings I have towards my boyfriend. Send me a private message if you need to just vent. Remember, keep your head up!

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