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Why do girls try to make guys jealous?


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I know that its stupid and juvenile and quite often counter-productive, but there does seem to be a common reason for trying to make a guy (or a girl) jealous. Almost everyone I've ever heard trying this tactic was looking for attention and reassurance. If you get jealous over them, then you obviously care about them.


This is sad but its a really common dirty, little trick that I think a lot of people won't even admit to themselves that they use. If anyone ever figures out why we play all the stupid little games, please send them my way to explain it!!!

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Greetings BecksImage,


I agree with Onemoreday. There is no real reason why both sexes get jelous, as said it's done for attention and reassurance. Most people do it, it's nothing inherent to any specific gender and that it's just an emotion another emotion that we have no control over.


Hope this has helped (in some way).


All the best.


- whitefang

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