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what little things do girls like in guys

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never talk about other women, past, present or future.


always tell her how much you love her, in as many ways and means as possible.


never use foul language. never scold her. support her dreams and wishes to the best of your tongue, if not wallet.


if there's something about her you don't like, don't say it out bluntly, like: "you have BO". don't buy her stuff to suggest she even has BO. if you get her perfume, it's cos you'd love her to wear a signature scent. not cos she has BO. that sort of thing. geddit?


it helps you have photographic memory and can notice new stuff she wears or makeup or hairstyle, for you. if you notice, it scores points with her. never notice what other women wear, if you value your life. of course, that goes without saying, you cannot look at other women in her presense. eyes blinkered!

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Be observant. Notice the little things. Pay attention to her when she's talking. Be confident. Touch parts of her body that aren't her breasts or the region "down there". Compliment her hair, outifts, earrings. etc. but don't do it too often. Too many compliments can backfire and make them meaningless. Play with her hair. Massages are always good (link removed). Don't ask her to find things for you if you haven't already tried looking for them. Say thank you when she does things for you. It's always nice to know you are appreciated. Pay attention to the things she does for you because most likely she would like you to do the same for her.


Those are some of the things I like. I hope it helps you.

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Be yourself, don't try and be someone else, or assume what they might like and try to be that. Also, honesty with tactfulness, meaning you should be honest and forthright, be genuine, but also keep their feelings in mind. That doesn't mean you lie or tell half truths, but rather you handle the truth in a way that respects their feelings. Don't be so blunt that you hurt her; they'll appreciate your having their feelings in consideration. More to come...

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