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I just had an epiphany about everything to do with my relationship


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I suppose this post doesnt ask any specific question or anything or have much relevance to anyone, but i feel the need to talk about it.


I had been so down about the breakup, so so so down, every time i gained a little of my life back id fall deeper into despair.


Recently, i had been reminded of the song Warning Sign by coldplay, im a pretty big fan if you couldnt tell. For days ive been listening to it, and i couldnt really figure out why, i mean its a song not really meant for the dumpee, but still i was obsessing over it. It came to me as i was walking outside a few minutes ago, for weeks before the breakup i had not been happy, i had thoughts about ending it several times, but for some reason i couldnt communicate my feelings to her, if i tried i just couldnt let out how i felt. After a while i had unknowingly let my unhappiness take its toll on everything, i mean i really did want to make things better, i loved her; but at the same time i really didnt do anything to help it. Then it came, she left me.


Now that weve been apart besides the initial epic depression, i feel that i still do love her. I acted desperate after the break up which must have totally confused her, as it was so contrary to how i was acting.


I think today is the first day that i can start healing.


I just hope one day i can talk to her and have her know, beyond all that has happened i still see her smiling.

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