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Got her number but...


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I was at a soundstage last night (a place where bands play) and I saw a girl I meet about 2 months ago when she was with a friend. And we hugged and said hello and what not. Well I find this girl very attractive and decided im gonna ask her out. Well the whole time all that went through my head was to ask her out. Well I asked her out and got her number. When she left she said "Call me sometime." I'm pretty sure she is attracted to me too.


Thats the story, now what I need help on. Well I won't be able to ask her out on a date till this upcoming Friday. I know I'll have to call her at least tomorrow so she won't think I'm not interested, but I don't really know when I should call her. When's a good time? 7-9 p.m.? We both are in high school. Also I'm a little nervous about talking to her, like with most people I don't know I can't start conversations very well. After the frist date im pretty sure I'll be normal but this will be a very nerve racking week for me. Could ya'll give me some help, tips or anything, most girls I've asked out I knew them for awhile and was comfortable around them. This is my frist time asking a stranger out, not complete stranger just don't know her at all. Thanks.


Cya'll Later.

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I say call anytime before 9 pm and that shows you respect her and her family. Never call after 9, unless they specifically say it is alright. Just call her up and ask her how her weekend went and so forth. Usually talk about whatever pops into your head. This works for me.


There is enough advice there to help you over come your uncomfortableness. Follow that advice and you should have success on getting a date.

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i find that after you ask a girl out for the first time things can be really easy. Phone her up and if shes busy ask her when is a good time to call, and tell her youll call her then so shell be expecting you, or maybe try in person, say: ''Hey, can i talk to you for a minute'' and if she says shes busy ask her when is a good time to talk. If you take a first step, and shes expecting you, its really easy because you know you want to go out with her and she might think badly of you if you dont. So its good to kinda force yourself into asking her. Just make sure you really want to go out with her and that theyre are no complications before you ask her out. Once this is done, and your going out with her, things should get easier and youll be glad you approached her. If you get rejected, better to know that it wouldnt have happened anyway and not be stuck wondering what could have been. If your shy about asking a girl out think ''what have i got to lose''. If you answer ''a possible relationship with her'' your wrong, cause you wouldnt have gotten with her anyway had you not asked. Point is: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

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As was mentioned earlier, it's best to call before 9pm. Parents, especially fathers of teenage daughters, do NOT appreciate phone calls from boys later at night. But because you have the phone number, that doesn't mean you should rely solely on it. It would be best if you maybe try and run into her in person before calling, so that way you can find out when a good time to call would be. Before nine, but not while they're eating dinner. Also a prior meeting will build some conversation for you to continue when you call her, it'll make the phone talk more natural and it won't feel like an alternative form of communication.

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