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A sucker for tomboys


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I've realized that I am a sucker to tomboys. Any tomboys out there have any hints for a guy to get her to notice me?


I consider my self a tom-boy to some degree .. that's cuz I grew up very close to my brothers (close age) and so I share a lot of sports interest .. I enjoy so much the get together around a soccer game for eg. ... so one thing that'll work is to treat her as one of the guys .. if she's a tomboy.. she wont have a prob with it and would acually be attracted .. it works for me anyway .. goos luck sucker

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I'm a tomboy I guess, do the things we like to do, accept her for what she is and remember to let her know you admire the woman within the tomboy. We're tomboys because we are active, we like doing those things with a guy.


Don't treat us like we're a novelty act.


Not at all. I agree. Here is a little more information about her.

We work together. Recently we sometimes hangout with each other with our other friends (mostly guys). I am afraid to make a move since I really like her and don't want to lose her as a friend.

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Recently she mentioned in passing she liked this guy (I think her ex) and she wants to marry him. I was thrown off by the comment since we were talking nothing about the subject it was random. But our conversation was random.

I made up my mind to stick with just being friends. I sometimes feel torn apart since I begun to be attracted to her. But I think it is best for us and all parties! I am still a sucka for tomboys!

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Sorry to hear that. I'm sort of in the same situation, I've been getting to know this girl that goes to my college (she's on the softball team-so a tomboy) and I like her. But, she has a boyfriend so that kind of put the kiebash on that. So now I'm going to just stay friends with her and hope she puts a good word in to her friends (who I hope are also tomboys).

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