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Early pregnancy symptoms - your experiences


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I had unprotected sex with my fiance on 10th day of my (regular) cycle. I think I ovulated 2 days afterwards. My period is due on 18th. I feel fine except slight pain in my breasts. What are the chances I could be pregnant - can not distinguish this from the usual breast tenderness I get before my period, although I think it may be a bit early for my usual pre-menstrual breast tenderness?


What are your experiences in early pregnancy symptoms?

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I was 4 and a half weeks, before i even did the test. And i was positive i wasn't pregnant. But a few weeks later, i had very sore breasts, i couldn't wear a bra comfortably, i had to buy padded bras. And I started going the bathroom more, and my period when i did come (i have a cycle up to 58 days+) It only lasted a day. So they were mine.


Not a lot really, best way to be sure. Is going the doctors for a test, or home tests.

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You sound alot like me!! My premenstral symptoms and pregnancy symptoms were almost identical! The only difference was that the bloating was awful!! Usually I get alot of bloating before my period, but this time it was wayyyy worse. I even tried gas-x to help and it did NO GOOD!! That was the first sign for me. I told my mom about the gas-x (I was also 6 or 8 days late for my period, but this has happened before, so I wasnt stressing too much about it) and my mom said, as she started laughing..."it wont help THIS kind of bloating!" I took a test later that afternoon and it was positive. I was about 5 weeks at the time, according to my OB. The pain in my breasts was a little worse than with my periods, but not so much that I noticed. NOW it's wayyyy worse!! lol


I also had a little nausea, but again, I sometimes get a little nausea with my periods, so I wasnt really stressing it.


I also had no implantation bleeding.

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Thanks girls! I do feel bloated - my stomach looks like a ball, but again, I tend to have problems with my tummy anyway, so I'm not relying too much on that either. Gosh, all this waiting - seems like forever until my period is due. Although I feel like I am not pregnant - don't know if that's a clue - sometimes when you are positive you are not - it tends to be the other way round!

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Also Tamara, Clearblue and EPT make a pregnancy test that will test you 5 days before your missed period. They're a little more expensive but may be worth it. If you use one and get a negative, I would also test again in 6 or 7 days if you dont get your period.


Also keep in mind that stressing over it can make your period late. I have had this happen. I was trying to get pregnant months ago and the waiting made me stress and that made my periods late, which of course added more stress...lol.

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