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Was it all a ploy?


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Hey all this is my first post, I joined this site because I need a bit of help, any input would be greatly appreciated.

So me and this girl have been going out for a week or so, the first day everything was great, we were both happy and we kissed, and everything was good. We texted each other non stop..... for about three days. Now it all seems gone, i met up with her for a movie today and she didnt really want to go, and she doesnt respond to my calls or texts. Has she lost interest? we really liked each other and I'd hate to lose her, or was it all a ploy. Help me out please

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Yea, I already know for a fact one of her friends is crushing on me quite a bit...... should i break up with her or just let it drift away? I obviously should make sure its over before i start dating this other girl who is a nice girl as well..... what do you think on the break up?

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