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Extra hormones in my body making me distrusting and paranoid. Help!


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I know this isn't how I truly feel. I was on the Depovera shot for 10 months. It MESSED me up. Before I was on it, as myself, I was totaly laid back. I gave guys tons of freedom and never even worried when I was dating guys and they told me they had an ex that was just a friend stay the night, or that they would be going to a wild party and drinking. I trusted them, and I was positive.


After a month of being on depo, I found I was EXTREMLY hormornal. * * * * * y and mean.


I found the love of my life. He is seriously the most trusting guy I have ever met, and I know I have nothing to worry about. We've been going out over half a year and have promise rings. We are totaly in love. I'm his 1st real relationship, he had never gone past kissing with another girl besides me, and I was his 1st for everything. The 1st girl he's ever loved, and for me the 1st guy I've EVER felt this strongly for. We have a deep connection, and we plan to keep it that way for the rest of our lives.


When I was on it, after a month of being together I was really demanding and * * * * * y, not even meaning too, my hormones would just take over. And then It got to the point so bad that he felt like he couldn't be his self around me for about a month. We went on a break for just 5 days, and that snapped me out of my funk and that I couldn't go around treating people like that, I got off it and switched to the pill.


I got off it a month ago, and immediately switched to the pill. Ortho-Tricelen lo. They said the depo would still be in my system a few months, but luckily I havent been * * * * * y or demanding at all. My mom says I'm MUCH better.


The 1st week of the pill I was fine. Then I screwed up and did my hormones backwards. Like this is my last day and then I start a new pack (THANKFULY) I'm supposed to be on the sugar pills this week, and instead I took those the 2nd week and am now on the higest hormone dose!


I feel extra hormornal, emotional. I cried and cried yesterday, and was paranoid when my boyfriend said he went to a party. It was a friends band playing at college, and he wasnt even out that late. Ive been out later. And I know I trust him fully, and he doesnt even drink. He hates alcohol and he was the DD.


So why am I freaking out?! I'm hoping that once I start my new pills tomorrow NORMAL I will be fine.


It's just really hard feeling all these flooding of emotions and feeling this way, when I know this isnt how I really feel. When I was on depo, they gave me Xanax to help with the side affects and even an estrogen shot to balance me out


What would you suggest? Do you think I'm just like this because I took my pills backwards, and once I get back on track I'll be fine? Because this is seriously NOT me.

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And I am just SO thankful to have him, he loves me so much. He says he knows that this isn't really me and that taking the pill wrong has just made me really emotional, and he knows its only temporary. Thats how he was with depo too, he would cry with me when I would cry over stupid stuff.


God Bless him...


I know he says he loves me either way, but I dont love myself this way and feel bad for him. When I know I can do better and this isnt the REAL me.

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Hmm.. I went on BC (pills) about 6 months into my relationship with my ex. I didn't notice anything right away but I think each month I just got more and more moody and depressed. We broke up 5 months later. I'm not saying that BC was the result of that or anything because there were just a number of little things that esculated over time but obviously the moodyness and depression didn't help with those small problems. It got to the point where my ex was sick of seeing me upset or crying. I couldn't control my emotions sometimes. I've been off of it for a month now and after the first week of being off of it I noticed the difference big time. I was back to my normal self and so glad I'm off of it.


I'm not saying that BC is bad for you or anything because I believe that BC is great and should be used but I'm just saying that when you notice the hormone thing effecting your mood be careful and very aware. It's a good thing your bf is very patient with you and understands. My bf didn't understand. So yes, you are lucky. I'd say just try out these pills your taking now for a while and if you still notice weird moods and stuff then maybe try something else. Also, I don't know if this is an option but maybe just condoms would work fine as well. I can definitely understand wanting extra protection or other forms of protection instead of a condom so that's fine.

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Yeah, well I believe I just need to give it atleast a month or 2.


The reason why I was so hormornal was because I took the estrogen dose I was supposed to take BACKWARDS. My mom had me on b-control when I was 15 to regulate periods, but I wasnt having sex. She told me it was "hormones" and I didnt notice any difference in my moods, that was taken correctly then. I know how to do it now.


Well deffinatly not Depo. If this pill doesn't work out for me after 2 months, I'll try another. Every medicine has a transtition period. Depo and an IUD are out of the question. People say IUDs are great, but not for a 19 year old. It also doesnt have estrogen, like depo, and that wigged me out.


Condoms are out of the question. They ruin sex for me, I cant enjoy myself and orgasm and also every time I've used them I've gotten a horrible rash, I'm really tight and paper bags dont help. I have to go down on my boyfriend and get him really moist before he can even enter me.


So no thanks to condoms. They are also 85% affective, and I know if we were in the heat of a moment I would remember a condom. So nooo.


With my ex, we had sex without condoms or b-control, he'd just pull out and thankfully I didnt get pregnant. But that was dangerous, it was my 1st time so I was naieve, but thats why I got on the pill.


Hopefuly I'll do just fine, and will be normal after the transition period and I take it correctly.

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I could see that. I'm in peri-menopause and my hormones are all over the map. I get fearful, anxious, sad, mad you name it. It definitely screwed up my relationship because my SO didn't understand how powerful the hormones are. I called it the caffeine feeling because I'd be up all night with this adrenaline rushing through me.... it was the hormones, not adrenaline. It would last 3 or 4 days and then subside and I'd be exhausted from lack of sleep. Other times I would be so fatigued I could hardly move. I can't take BC - have bad reactions - so it's been a struggle to learn how to deal with this naturally. I still have good and bad days but they are on a more even keel and I can manage them.

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