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What do you think this dream means?

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I've had one recurring dream in the last three months since my ex broke up with me. It varies a little bit from dream to dream, but overall the main theme is the same :


My ex calls me on the phone, but we actually can't communicate with each other. Eg: I'd answer the phone, but only hear white noise. I'd answer and hear a dial tone.I'd answer and be able to hear him joking and laughing with his friends but we would never actually talk to each other in the dream.


Perhaps this query is more suited to a dream interpretation site, but I'd be interested to know what you guys think this means.


A friend thinks it highlights the communication difficulties we had in the relationship, and how I could always understand my ex (ie: I can ''hear'' HIM on the phone) but he couldn't always understand me (ie : he can't ''hear'' ME on the phone in the dreams.)


Ideas? I'm more curious than anything else. The dreams are - thankfully and touch wood - less upsetting than they used to be, and slightly less frequent but the recurring nature of this one is intriguing.

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Did you have communication issues in the relationship? That's a possible reason. Also, if you are missing him - this is another possible reason. The WANT to talk to him and inability to be able to do so because you are no longer together. Especially the part about him laughing and joking with his friends but not talking to you. He is moving on with his life and you are no longer a part of it. Any of these and then some. Dreams can mean so many things!

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