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Persona poem


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I somehow found myself in a poetry class this semester. Could be that it's required for creative writing I'm supposed to do a persona style poem- a poem written from the viewpoint of someone or something else. I sat down and wrote this, no revisions, and thought I'd see if it needs something else.


Slow burn


Red, raw, aching


I'm screaming, and I KNOW you hear me


Tepid liquids rush by


Vain attempts to placate, to stifle the fire


My anger rages on. I KNOW you hear me


I know that you feel me.


Don't ignore me, you CAN'T ignore me, the source of your discomfort


Slow burn,


Scarlet, boiling, seething


Crying out for attention


Only time will relieve you


Of my tantrum


Of my infection

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Wow, amazing poem

Your word choice is really great, such strong words (raw, screaming, seething)

and the way that it has such a strong and forceful delivery, makes it a much more powerful poem.

You def got some writing potential =)

I believe its from the view of fire, but i could be way off lol

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